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Welcome to the 

Knoxville Bocce Club 

Spring 16- Balls of Jupiter 

Summer 16- Boccelism

Fall 16- Boccelism

Winter 16- Bocce'd Attempt

Spring 17- Veni Vedi Bocce

Summer 17- The Big Labocce

Fall 17- The Big LaBocce

Fall 17- Crushing Dreams

Winter 17- Illumibocce

Spring 18- Sedice Palle

Spring 18- Spock N Balls

Summer 18- The Notorious Bocce

Summer 18- We Might Show UP

Fall 18- The Notorious Bocce

Fall 18- Squocce

Spring 19- Sedice Palle

Spring 19- Squocce

Summer 19- Sedice Palle

Summer 19- Illumibocce

Fall 19- Rhianna Boyz

Fall 19- Squocce

Winter 19- Sedice Palle

Winter 19- Squocce

Spring 21- MBocce 

Summer 21- Wednesdays w/ Paul

Fall 21- Illumibocce


Welcome to the Home of the Knoxville Bocce Club. Started in 2016, the club meets on Tuesday nights throughout the year in the Beer Garden at Hops and Hollers. You'll have 4 chances throughout the year to join a league: Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter. Grab your friends and be sure to sign up for the next league at Hops!  

Past Champions

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